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March 3, 2010

Surprise Midweek Post

I actually got several quilt squares done last weekend.  Enough that I started thinking about how I was going to put them together.  Green sashing or lattice between the squares is what I've been thinking about. And I'm drawing little sketches trying to figure out how to sew different sized large blocks together in a quilt.  Adjusting the size of the sashing width seems to be the answer.
But first more squares....or flowers...
Chicory remind me of Pentz Road from Paradise to Oroville in California.  It was my daily commute when I lived in Paradise.  The Chicory and Scotch Broom bloomed along the roadway.  The Scotch Broom's perfume was wonderful especially when I rode the motorcycle. 
These were fun to do with their little fringed tips. 

My Solomon's Seal  leaves are too small....but I like it anyway.  

They almost remind me of Lady Tress maybe I'll think of them that way. I found so many of these in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California near the little town of Quincy.  I would camp there several times a year and paint the wildflowers. least for Blanket  Flower.  So much color .... these were fussy of the last squares I felted.  I think I needed more contrast for the leaf outline...but each one is an experiment.  The color in the cones of the center had washed out of the silk when I felted it so they needed something to give them life.

Not sure this is done....I still think it needs more color on the cone section.  Perhaps I'll use a thickened dye or paint just on the cone.  I don't want to change the drape of it....but it is a small area and already stiffened a bit with the thread detail.  I'll think on it while I do the next blocks.
So much for a surprise post in mid week....Now I'm off to work.




Kris Henderson said...

Truly beautiful!

Tammie Lee said...

I love seeing your whimsical expressions of wildflowers!

Doreen G said...

Beautiful as usual Joei-I can't wait to see them all together (did I say that before?)

Diane said...

Hey Joei, What did you use to make the yellow centers on the chicory?
I love the solomon's seal (even if the leaves are too small!) And I agree with you on the blanket needs some more color.
(This comment sounds like something my mother would say, "it is nice but...):P
But you do know that I love your work, RIGHT?

T said...

Oohhhh these are so good. I cant wait to see your quilt when you join them all together. I also had memories of riding my motorbike through fragrant roads in our Australian spring.



yvette said...

if you travel back with flowers the most precious memories pop up.

Jagusia said...

Piękne kwiaty! Cudowne kolory i świetne połączenie filcu z jedwabiem :)
Jagusia from Poland

Sabii Wabii said...

OUR work is beautiful!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

the colors and lines are so lovely - i especially love the last photo, the blues are so vibrant, and what great colors overall. and i love your header photo with the bugs.