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February 28, 2010

Onions and Spring

It has been a very busy weekend for me.  I managed to get the usual suspects (laundry, checkbook, shopping, cleaning...blah de blah) done and got lots done on the quilt.  I also couldn't stand it any more and opened the onion stained silk.  It has been sitting in the Mason jar for over 4 weeks now and India's book said to leave as looooong as you could.  Well, I can forget the erosion package because I don't see it hanging in the Weeping Cherry outside.  But the jar....well, I walk by it several times a week.  So without further ado, 
These are three different pieces of silk.  The one on top is the onion skins wrapped in silk, sprayed with vinegar then stored in the Mason jar.  The middle silk was in the crockpot with oak galls and simmered for about 2 hours.  It was then put in the crockpot with onion skins that had already dyed the lowest piece of silk.  These are for drapes that will grace my livingroom in the future.  

This is the onion skins silk from the Mason jar.  The colors are subtle but rich.  I'm thrilled with these pieces. 
I'm not as excited with the next group.  But I do like the little pieces....I just haven't decided how or what I want to use them for. 

These were the little bundles of leaves, silk and felt that I steamed in the crockpot.  The colors are soft and earthy.  A different color than tea stained that I have done previously.  I will wait for inspiration.  
The quilt.  The quilt. The quilt.  
Each square has been revisited and as I develop technique each square develops.  How to choose colors, how to do soft corners, sharp corners, speed, curves and stops.  Each of these decisions is influenced by each individual square.  Each square reminds me of summers spent among flowers, meadows, mountains and bogs.  

Blue Dicks.  Shining in the tall grass.  

Tiny blue trumpet flowers waving gracefully. 

Snow Drops...on tumeric background....that needed some definition...

I can hardly wait for these Spring Lovelies to show up.  
The dog walk today revealed a defrosted swamp and mostly bare ground....but no swamp cabbage or snow drops.  No Christmas Rose or tulips poking their tips up and out into the overcast sky.  
But...there was very little snow.  Spring can't be too far away. 


Puddleduck said...

Hi Joei! these quilt squares look fantastic! I can't believe you waited until you felted them all before you started machine embroidering them! Now that shows restraint - and I'm impressed!
Aren't the onion skin silks lovely and subtle.... would love to see your curtains when they're done! has your erosion bundle completely eroded? ;)

Ladyfishfelt said...

Love the way the sewing is bringing out the details of the flowers. I cannot wait to see this when its done.

Joei Rhode Island said...

No restraint Sandi....just a One Trick (at a time) Pony. lol

Thanks Linda...I've been hoping to do just that...the first two were not shown....experimental only. I think I've Got It now. or at least starting to get it...


Been meaning to pop by for ages ... only just catching up after being away twice last month ... so sorry for taking so long to visit you dear blog buddy

Your dyed pieces are wonderful. You are inspiring me to do more dyeing myself ... I have some berries in mind ... which I want to use

Love your beautiful spring flowers too, very cheerful

Thanks Joei for all your lovely comments, I love hearing from you

Carolyn xo

Jasmine said...

Beautiful work. I love the pinkish hues of the centre cloth. Your drapes will be amazing :)

Tammie Lee said...

The results of your onions is wonderful! Love the snow drops too. I agree, I look forward to spring flowers. It might come earlier than usual for us, though some folks are saying that winter will return. I will watch and see.

carolina said...

Me encantan tus trabajos,me gustaria aprender ésta técnica!!!y la cabecera de tu blog re cómica !las cosa que se pueden hacer ja ja ja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

I love love love the onion skin dyeing. I'm going to try it once I get more skins. I am also planning on stripping some of the bark off of the prunings from the crabapple, apple, and pear trees. Got any suggestions how to go about this?
PS,,,My snow drops are blooming! :P

T said...

Fantastic colours from your natural dyes Joei. Love it. You have been busy.


Leena said...

I love your felt snowdrops (and other flowers), making flowers is next best thing to actually seeing them:)

Jurga Judita said...

I love these onion skins! Very subtle shades...