New Look

April 25, 2011

Dyeing on Easter

I've been quiet as I've had lots of stuff going on in the background.  Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  After the cold and quiet time of winter I start to get anxious to be outside.  Yesterday was a glorious day of warm temps and light.  
I managed to clean part of the studio after some construction.  I now have a Dye Station.  
It's not quite organized yet but doable.  Those 3 crockpots had onion skins, eucalyptus and acorn baths left from last Fall.  Under the mold scum was some delicious looking broth.  I dipped some silk in, turned them on and simmered.  In the morning I got these:
Pleased with my success, and goaded by the lovely weather I declined the usual Sunday ride with my DH and instead set up the Turkey Cooker....AKA  The *BIG* Dye Pot. 
I had a delightful supervisor.
With his excellent assistance we came up with this:
I now have enough silk yardage to continue with the Felted Flower Quilt edges.  
Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as much as I did.  The windows of the house were open and the renewal of Spring was invited in.  
I started one side of the quilt skirt....but that is for the next post.