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March 11, 2010

Rain Not Needed

We are forecasted for rain starting tomorrow.  It did sprinkle a bit this morning.  The top of the ground is starting to be dry.  I am ready for Spring vegetable seeds came today and I'm thinking I can start them in the basement pretty soon.  I will also be repairing the hoop house to grow lettuce for an extended season.  I try to grow lettuce from March until December was unable to do so this last year.  The hoop house was done in last winter and I never repaired it.  I hope to do so this year.  
These flowers don't need any water to help them bloom.  
Mission Bells are a type of fritillary that come in a deep purple...almost chocolate with tiny green checkers on them.  Hence, the name Chocolate Checker Lilies.  
I planted these all over the garden as wonderful little surprises for Spring.  They also come in white....but I like the checkers. 
When I lived in California I spent many summers tracking down different wildflowers.  I had several camping trips to a small place called Butterfly Valley in the Sierra that became my favorite spot.  Not just because of the bogs that supported all the carnivorous plants but the magic that seemed to be in the air.  I would read and paint and just be for a week or two at a time.  It was wonderful.

The California Pitcher Plant .... my favorite....and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. 
That's it for todays post .... Now I go to dream about Spring Flowers.....and perhaps listen to rain that may arrive tonight.



You're my kinda gal ... the simple pleasure are the best ... wild flowers and rain and listing to the rain and raindrops and making felted flowers and fritillaries. When I was little they were my favourite wild flower that I found in a book as a child ... I'd never seen a real one but I loved tha page in the book for their interesting shapes and patterns. Oh! To have a garden full of these. You've made my day!

Have a lovely weekend Joei


Cathie said...

hi joei! how cool these are. love the flower. such a wonderful texture you have achieved with your felting and stitching. i agree with carolyn.... rain + felting or stitching = a blissful day!

karen said...

spring is arriving here too. Bright sunny days and a little milder. Personally though I shall miss winter, it's my favourite season.

Chatters said...


Your pieces are so beautiful. I love these flowers. Enjoyed your last post and was interested in your erosion project. use to leave things to erode in art college and use them in my artwork(-: