New Look

March 28, 2010

Cool outside....Spring Blooms inside

This weekend was pretty cold here.  Never got above 41F.  I took the dogs for the required walk and found green...Spring is coming but in little bits here. 
I loved this piece of moss on a looks like a tiny bonsai that has been done by Nature. 
Then we went to check on the rock tripe....they no longer look dry and grey with bits all over the ground.  But there are lots more!  And they are turning green.  This is with what I used to make fuschia dye last year.
Once we were back I started on the quilt.  I got involved in listening to my book on tape and got a lot done!
First Wild Ginger.  The flowers are very small, a maroon that is almost brown and mostly hidden under large leaves.  
The color in the above picture did not turn out well and is too washed out....
Then I worked on Mexican Hats.  They don't hide under their leaves but push their tops toward the sun.
Next I worked on Blue Eyed Grass.  These are not much as far as the flowers go....but I love the leaves that look like grass......the way they twist in the wind and and wave the flowers on their stocks.
So that's it for tonight...I now go to dream of flowers.


kącik baby jagi said...

Beautiful flower, I love spring :))

Tammie Lee said...

I love that I get to peak at the edge of the top one to see what you have done. Always exciting when a piece is complete. I have had two drawing lessons recently, when are they done? Not yet, or I would know. And a recent piece of embroidery is complete but not what I am doing with it. Your Mexican hats remind me of blanket flowers. Each one is wonderful.

T said...

These flowers look great.... I love the sillk reflectiveness in the mexican hats, and the wild ginger is to die for...fantastic.


Colette said...

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It would be nice if you pass it forward, but I never meant to make you feel obliged. So just enjoy the award and respond to it or not, in every way you like 