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March 1, 2009

Sun and Snow

Yesterday was so nice I did little inside. It took the dogs out for a run and listened to the birds. There are little tiny signs of spring. Tiny green peeks of daffies in a sheltered spot....and No Snow! Finally the ice and snow had melted although the ground was still hard in most places. But there was enough thaw that muddy dog prints could be seen on the tiles.

But now there is a big storm and it is snowing and snowing and snowing. The flakes are tiny and drift and swirl in the wind but they do not enchant me as they do in early winter. They are predicting 6 to 10 inches total accumulation. Bleech. I'm am tired of schleping through the snow and am ready for Spring.

Maybe that's why I started flowers on my quilt? I have made a little progress. The Phlox are finally finished. They languished on the table for over a week. I work in fits and starts sometimes. I then did this Water Lily. I like the blues and shades of green but the design had two leaves and this looks like just one.

I now have Bleeding Hearts on the I'm off to finish that and maybe another .... since I'm loath to deal with the snow today. Tomorrow I'll have to dig myself out....hopefully the weatherman is wrong....they are sometimes. 6 to 10 In like a Lion Out like a Lamb.

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ger said...

Those flowers of yours are enchanting... Thanks for your sensible comment on my Cloth Lady!