New Look

March 15, 2009

Flowers flowers everywhere

....but none in the garden. The ground is still frozen on the south side of the house. The ground uneven .... heaved to an irregular surface. I pulled some dried grass-like leaves from a daylily and did find some very tiny short green shoots...but only a few. So it is warm enough to run the dogs but not to garden. Back in the studio to dream of Spring and Summer blooms.

A common wildflower here in Rhode Island is Rosa Rugosa. It is very hardy. So frequently found in the sandy soil of the beach, it is often referred to as a Beach Rose. They come in a vibrant pink and a clear white.

The colors are not true on my monitor, but it is in the felt. I'm pleased with this one.

One of my favorite flowers is the Cyclamen. In California the Shooting Stars were sprinkled over most of my property. Here in Rhode Island, I planted some and hope to see them this year. The block is not a shooting star but a cultivated cyclamen.

I like the background of this with the mottled greens. I dye all of my silk in a crock pot and prefer the mottled result. It seems to make my cartoons less static in my eye.

Both of these will need either machine or hand embroidery to complete the details but I think they are in keeping with the theme. Back to the studio....where I will finish Checkered Lilies today and work on violets. Violets are the state flower of Rhode Island and are terribly invasive in my yard.


Doreen G said...

They are lovely as usual Joei.
How many are you going to make?
and how big are they.

Laura said...

Looking forward to seeing them after you've embroidered Joei!