New Look

March 29, 2009

It's Coming Along

Today it seems like early Spring. The weather has been almost 50 degrees F outside with a gentle but persistent rain. The kind that make Spring bulbs start to peek up... testing the air with little green fingers. A few crocuses, some daffies and tiny daylily greens. It's coming....Spring may make it here, yet.

The quilt blocks are coming along also. Two more bloomed for me this weekend. I love Brodiaeas. They hide in the grass waiting to surprise you. I found these frequently in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California, as well as the grasslands of the Sacramento Valley. They look rather like wild onions but are blue or purple.

These had a hard time 'sticking' on the silk. And, if you look closely, you can see my little bits of red thread holding down tips of flower petals. They did felt in but loosely. When I do embroider these for details the threads will remind me where to carefully detail or tack them down.

My second block is of cone flowers. There were at least three different types that I remember growing in East Texas. The purple variety I liked the best....but I needed more zippy color for the quilt, so I did more of the Mexican Hat type. I like they way these turned out.

I haven't counted how many blocks I have yet....but I thought I might put them out on the felting table to see how they look together.

I couldn't get them all in at one setting. I should have got a chair. There are ruffles of silk around the blocks which are overhang on the wool of the bottom layer. Those will be clipped away I think.

I found that I was making most of them the same size. My plan is for green pieces between the blocks with vines or leaves. I think it should pull the whole together. I've not ever done such a large project.

Next weekend it's off to upstate New York for a Northeast Feltmakers Guild meeting. No working on the blocks, or blog for that matter. I will have pictures to share, members willing, when I return. They are a fantastic group. It's always hard for me to organize and travel far for only 2 days, but I'll visit with friends and be weary yet full with new ideas when I return.


Doreen G said...

Joei they look amazing together I can't wait to see how they all look when finished.

Frauke said...

Wonderfull!! Why you are so far away?
I want to see it live!
Felted regards, Frauke

karen said...

I love how these blocks all look placed together, this will be gorgeous!
Thanks for the comments, and yes...the leg is up!

Sara Lechner said...

Now THESE are wonderful! you just have more spring than me showing there!!
My teaser is actually a command for a forest piece, more fall than spring, but my creativity is springy already as yours is!!

Jackie said...

I really love the softness of this and think it would look gorgeous joined just as it is without any green sashing.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Thank you all so much for such kind comments.
I'm off to my Guild meeting for this weekend. I will try to take pictures for you of our "Show and Tell"....then you will see some fabulous felt!

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Show us more-more-mooore! :o)
That's a new idea for me with dying silk and felting it. I love silk painting and felting so I combined it so that I paint motifs on silk and felt them after. You took another way. Great!

Best wooly regards from Hungary

Annette said...

It looks beautiful and is just what I wanted to do (as I recognized in this moment ;-))

I´m looking forward to the result !!

Best regards from

Laura said...

I can't wait to see the complete quilt Joei. It looks irresistable to touch, so soft and I love the colours. Enjoy your felting group.


karen said...

Hi Joei. Thanks so much for the comments. I hope you are well!

rosa said...

Hi, I'm happy I found your blog.
I love felting and handcrafting, even if I'm only a beginner and....I'm deeply in love with Rhode Island.
A piece of my heart is there, I've visited many times and hope to be back asap.
A hug from this side of the Ocean