New Look

March 22, 2009

Dyeing for Flowers

Well, most of the weekend was spent traveling to and from New Hampshire. For some reason I forgot my camera and took no pictures. It was not much of an Art/Picture tour anyway but the view from our friends home is spectacular and looks out down the hills toward the Connecticut River. We visited and had a lovely time. I bought beads. So many beads. But I love beads.

The ground is still mostly dormant but we did see Baskin' Robins...out catching the sun. And one vulture, with it's wings so wide showing several missing feathers. When do vultures moult, I wonder?

We talked of gardens, vegetables and flowers. Then cut pussy willows for my house. We drove to a yarn shop and I bought gorgeous hand dyed yarn to make some socks.

But as always, I return to felting. I have been doing some dyeing. I needed more colors for the flowers...or so I've told myself. I love dyeing silk. The sheen and touch is like nothing else.

I hope to be inspired by these warm colors to make more sun loving wildflowers. But I love greens and did 5 different dye pots.

I also finished the violets. At first I wasn't as pleased with them...they looked too much like the periwinkles. But now....I'm not sure. I suppose I will make more than what I need for the quilt and make decisions for the final cut later.

I have also finished the Mission Bells. These flowers hold a special place in my heart. I found them on a walk one day totally unexpected. It was like finding something magic. I almost expected a fairy to come out from the tangle of leaves and scold me for staring.

Doreen, the size of the blocks range from 12 by 16 inches to 18 by 18 inches when they are done. I think I will need about 30 .... perhaps more .... as this will be for a king size bed. Speaking of which, I'm off to bed to read then sleep...then dream.

Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum. ~The Quote Garden


Lalhezar said...

I just love your work - wonderfully evocative - how do you manage to create such perfect flowers when you are felting? Just lovely. Suzanne

Joei Rhode Island said...

Thank you Suzanne. If you look at the posts from February you see that I draw out the patterns, cut them out in silk, then felt them onto the wool. In this case, very thin prefelt.

Doreen G said...

I love the violets Joei--but mainly it's that green that I love.
Thanks for the sizes.
BTW Suzanne is my friend in Canberra.

Laura said...

I love the colours of the silks Joei - just want to touch them.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Beautiful...the silk is awesome. Want just wants to reach out and
Love all the work you are sharing here, thanks soo much!