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March 8, 2009

Spring Thaw...Again

The temperatures were in the high 50s and felt like real Spring today. But the weatherman predicts rain sleet and snow for tomorrow. I think this is what you call 'unsettled weather'. A few brave daffies have poked their heads above ground in the South facing garden. The shade garden still clings to soft wet drifts of winter.

I did finish 2 more blocks but only have one picture to show. It was too nice outside to sit at the computer. I took the dogs for a run instead. We found lots of tracks, this time in the mud. The same mud they used to track up the kitchen floor when we returned.

The background of the bleeding hearts looks grey in this picture. But it is a soft teal, for the shade. The soft blue green on the edge of my garden.

I've been dreaming in greens. Spring greens and shade greens, grass greens and leaf greens. The air smelled damp today. That smell before the greens. Why is it I bemoan the passing too quickly of my time, yet want the garden to hurry to the next stage? Oh, I'm so ready for Spring.

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Doreen G said...

I am enjoying you blocks Joei--they should look fantastic when you have them all together.