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May 3, 2010

Not Much Felt

Well, Spring is here and I find that I'm called to the outside rather than the basement studio.  The weather over the last week has been perfect.  Few clouds, temps in the 70s and a little breeze.  The DH and I have been riding .... after work and on the weekends.  When not riding the garden has been calling.  On Saturday...after bathing and grooming two large poodles I went out to the yard.  While planting bulbs and pulling weeds I looked at the lovely flowering cherry.  It's soft pink blossoms drooping downwards and new leaves reaching upwards.  And, what was that white thing in the branches.  OH!  The erosion project!  How could I have forgotten?  I cut it down and brought it in.  Today, after work, I unwrapped it.  I admit I really had forgotten all about it...and have not looked at very many bundles being unwrapped.  Mine did not look very was still mostly white. 
I did wrap an all natural fiber bundle but it seems even with the floods of Biblical proportions little action was seen in my cherry tree. 
Pretty boring, I must admit.  
It really did sit out in the rain and the you can see one of the acorns actually sprouted.  But little else magic happened. 
The oak leaves refused to render up their tannins.
The thin silk being the only bit of color from onion skins in the overall packet.  Sigh.  I guess I needed more foresight in what should be in the bundle.  The lace is cotton but did not take.  
So instead I decided to read and look for inspiration for the Northeast Feltmakers Guild Exhibit in 2011 called  The Creation Myth.  
I've started with this:
And looking very carefully at things like this:
I just love the colors and line in these swamp maples seeds.  
In the meantime...I will be seen with only bit of new backpack:


ger said...

Ha, at least you had the surprise to find that white thing in the branches... (still mostly white isn´t all white any more - a little patina can change things more than a bucket of colour...)

Joei Rhode Island said...

I so thought of you Miss Ger ... when I opened that bundle and found such soft colors. You are a subtle one .. at least with your art. =-)

Tammie Lee said...

your weather and playtime sounds wonderful. our day got to 40F, gray and gray. tomorrow we may get snow ;-}
Have you thought about putting your bundle back outside? I am surprised that more did not happen. Are you going to plant the acorn?

Heather said...

I love your new backpack!!
...and it's great to see that you wear such safe colors while riding.
Between the great bike, and your outfit and bag, you must look smashing tooling down the highways and byways!! :)

karen said...

the maple seeds are really beautiful and I just love the fact that you have a little motorbike!! How cool!!!

Debra said...

Stunning, delicate flowers. Thanks for sharing your creatures of loveliness.