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April 20, 2010

Big Happenings

This weekly post is a bit late as I was gone all weekend.  I went to the Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting.  We had a very large turnout for both our workshop and our business meeting.  Our hostess were Carol and Roz and they did a fabulous job of organizing over 30 people.  They came from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mass, Conn, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey.  We had several new members and lots of the 'regulars'. 
Our workshop consisted of mini coats.  It was an exercise on how to make a 3D project with collar, lapels and an overlapping front.  They were so cute.  And I think all of us enjoyed the 'making'.
Roz was our instructor.  She did a terrific job and as usual was very realistic about how to 'solve' glitches and giving people options to try. 
Lots of smiles!

Lots of thinking....
lots of felters!
With lots of colored mini coats at the end.
And there was fantastic food!
And there was 'Show and Tell"
WOW!!  Some of the "New" felters made some pretty impressive stuff!  But then there was unexpected and expected felt from some of the "Usuals".
Well, that's it for this week.  A **lot** of pictures because I had a **lot** of fun.  Thanks so much to everyone that worked so hard to make a fun and a special thanks to my friend Linda Vielleux who made this:
That I decided I couldn't live without  =-)
Oh...and one more special Thank You to dear friend who put me up at her house, fixed me a fresh egg quiche from her 'ladies', made me Creme Brulee for dessert and made me laugh.  Oh, and her dad...who is delightful and has a great sense of humor. 


Puddleduck said...

Hi Joei,
Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous, fun time! ... and gorgeous felty goodness made by all!
Sandi xo

Tammie Lee said...

this looks like a wonderful retreat into felting! Those coats are adorable and fantastic! wow wow

Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh! Yes! A Wonderful time was had by all. Thank you for your comments Jasmine and Tammie.

Diane said...

My friend Joei, I had a great time having you as a guest. I was glad that we worked together on the coat too. It was a good meeting and workshop! Next we have to work on that flower vine!
BTW the carrot cake was SO good. (I did eat it for breakfast the next day!)

T said...

what bright fun and beautiful creations here...


karen said...

those little coats look fantastic. Are they child size? Certainly looks like you had fun!!

Leedra said...

Love seeing all the felting...such inspiration to learn something else new.

Jasmine said...

This all looks so inspiring. I wish they held workshops near me. Have a wonderful bank holiday xJ

Jackie said...

Such an exciting post. Its great when ne w people come and don't have any preconceptions so are not afraid to try things.