New Look

May 15, 2010

Spring Flowers

I've been doing lots of gardening.  Lots and lots of gardening.  I've pulled weeds that have grown exponentially and planted things from the expanded driveway back into the flower beds.  I am still not finished...nor will I be soon.   
I spent a weekend with my friend, Diane.  
We have volunteered to work on our Guild's garland of felt flowers.  
I haven't felted in so long.  It was a good project for me to feel wool in my fingers again.  
We need to make a gazillion more.  
The next morning, despite our ideas of up early, we started a bit late but kept at it. 
 First we thickening some dye and I did some stenciling then some free-form painting.  
We also made some pots of horsetail ... or at least Diane made a pot full and I threw in a piece of silk. 
                   We also made a pot of eucalyptus leaves and simmered some silk in that too.
These are my results from the crock pots.  The yellow-green is the horsetail.  The soft taupe is from the eucalyptus.  I'm signed up for a class with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth and I think these may go into one of my pieces.  I have some rust dyed silk I did last year that will go perfect with these colors. 
Tomorrow is a long ride on the bikes.  It's off to bed for me tonight. 


Jasmine said...

Beautiful work Joei. Those colours are amazing and I just love those flowers. I may have to look into Judes workshops, her work is very inspiring.

Heather said...

Joei--I love these soft colors!
If you don't mind my asking, where do you buy your eucalyptus leaves?
I've always wondered whether florists sell them?!?!
Have a wonderful and safe ride!!

Guzzisue said...

I keep looking at naturel dyeing, maybe one day as I love the subtle colours :-)
have a safe ride and enjoy:-)

Diane said...

Silly Joei. Don't you know that gardens are never "finished"? I hope you are having a nice ride today. I looks like a great day for it!

Tammie said...

The flowers are wonderfully fantastic and the dye baths and results are gorgeous! I can only guess you will enjoy your workshop!

Cathie said...

Hi Joei - wow your silks came out wonderfully. How fun - to dye silk in your crockpots. And that class of Jude's - I'm doing it too (if you're referring to the one in June.) And like Diane said, "gardens are NEVER finished!"

Working with cloth said...

Oh these felted flowers are wonderful, love them, Joei thanks for nice comment on my new blog, I look forward to see what you're doing, it's a wonderful and fun way to make quilts on.

Trudis Felt said...

Your natural dyed silk is wonderful! I also love to dye my wool on a natural way, it's a little wonder.

T said...

hi joei, love the flowers, and these soft colours from your natural dye pots are beautiful. i look forward to seeing what you make with them.


tanveer said...

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