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May 30, 2010

Flowers and Weaving

I've been working in the garden and while I did I also walked behind the perennial bed and found 20 ... yes, twenty of these:
Too bad I didn't have this live model for my quilt square.  It looks a little different.
I also finished another Spring ephemeral.  The elusive Calypso.
I like it a bit better.  
Then...believe it or not...I finished the last of the squares.  The simple sunflower.
The style of this is different from the others because it was an early piece and an adaptation of a picture in a motif book.  But I like it and I may need a few "extras" to fill up the quilt.  
I also flew to California, rented a car and attended my granddaughter's High School graduation.  She was an honor student and is such fun.  I was very proud to see her on stage.

The on-line class with Jude Hill, called Cloth to Cloth, has been fun.  So many of my class mates have finished several squares and have posted.  So, I have been weaving silk, cotton and some synthetics....mostly scraps left over from previous dye experiments or old curtains, sheets.  After a few practice pieces I decided to felt some.  They are in the dryer....yes, the dryer...fulling. squares developed from Jude's class.


kącik baby jagi said...

Oh....... lovely sunflower :)

Heather said...

Congratulations on finishing the last of your squares!! What an amazing accomplishment.
...of course, now we wait with excitement to see how you sash them all together! :)
(I, for one, am dying to see it finished and photographed in situ!)

karen said...

your grandaughter looks lovely, you must be very proud. All your squares are fantastic, so much detail.

Guzzisue said...

pretty flowers!!

T said...

Wow does this mean that you will be putting all these squares together soon.

Its going to look amazing.

Congratulations to your grandaughter


Gabriela said...

Hi! nice to meet you! I used to live in R Island 5 years ago...we now live in Ohio...wish I knew you then as noone was working with wool and felt. I am also a huge Jude Hill fan, that's cool that you were able to taker her workshop!

Tammie Lee said...

Such a lovely orchid or 20 orchids you found! The fairyslipper is wonderful and the sunflower has a wonderful spirit about it!
Congratulations to your granddaughter!