New Look

December 2, 2009

Ten More

to go.  I worked on three more squares over the last weekend.  I also did other projects and ended up being too tired to post.  Well, first I ended up watching TV until midnight.  The DH turned on the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I wasn't going to stay up and watch.....truely...but once I got to singing along, I was lost.  And I didn't post.
But I had done some felting.  And I took pictures.
Dowingia is a small flower that I found in the Sierra's when I used to hike there.


I also have joined the Hand Embroidery Network.  Have you found this yet?  I have browsed through lots of wonderful examples of embroidery.  I even started in an on-line class for stumpwork.  We are making Irises and Poppies.  I have started my first project and will post the final pieces.
Christmas will demand some of my creative time and the quilt will most likely sit on the back burner. But I've starting to think about putting the squares together.  I post one more picture....poorly taken I'm afraid....but the squares are laid out on the bed  to give me an rough idea of what I've done so far.



Jasmine said...

Your quilt looks amazing. I'm in awe of it, completely. Silly question here (sorry) have you nuno felted those squares? I love the effect.


I'm on HEN. Perhaps we could become friends? ;o) Did you see the new Needle mag? It's great!

jude said...

i like the look of the 'rough idea'.

T said...

This square is beautiful Joei. and the look of them all layed out together with the edges showing is just stunning.