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November 22, 2009

To Tu Tumeric

I manged three pieces and some silk dyeing today.  I finished all my "obligations" yesterday .... well most of them.  You know the list...the bills, the laundry, the dog walking, the shopping, the dinner making, goes on and on .... doesn't it?  But today I got to do the laundry while I did felt.  YEAH!
I managed to dye some dark green pictures of that.  But it is darker colored for leaves and stems rather than background.  I need to start thinking about the green sections to connect the squares.  But I'm not quite there yet.
I did 3 pieces ... I also did some more drawings.  I came up with 3 more flowers.  But I just didn't seem to do the run as last time.  So I put them under the cutting board to decrease the paper curl and moved on to felting.  My favorite.

This was the silk lay out ... before felting.  I used the tumeric dyed silk as the background....with the green prefelt it was too much.  It really overpowered the flowers.  It will need some serious embroidery to save this one....and I really liked the design. 

It is too green overall.  I'm disappointed in how it turned out... sigh.
The next however was better.  I liked the way the yellow tumeric reacted with the red background
This is the layout.  Again the tumeric but this time the colors were bolder and the background was red.  Making the color a bit more lively.

I'm happier with this.  But with 20 to make...I'll most likely keep the  washout snow
drops but the Beebalm is obviously more lively.

The last piece is a trillium.  I'm afraid the color of the photograph is not a lovely as the real piece.  It is much deeper and more .... I don't know.... but the color is real.. I'm happy with this piece also.

Well, that's it for this weekend.  I wish you all a Happy Turkey Day....I only have Thursday off...but hope to do more felting the weekend after. 



Hi Joei

I really enjoyed your post and your process. I think you achieved a lot for one day. The textures are wonderful!


ger said...

The white flowers were so nice, I can understand you were disappointed... - I like the trillium...

Filz und Glas said...

I really like your flowers! Thank you for showing them in your blog, it make my day a it better!


Hi Joei

There are lots of blogs that do FREE blog backgrounds. This is one that is easy to use:

With Daisy's blog (above) you copy the html in the box underneath the background you wish to use. Then, on your own blog you "add a gadget". Choose html/java. Paste Daisy's html into the blank box and SAVE. Voila!

It is easy and once you get the hang of adding a background you can then use more complicated html. Personally, I don't use the free backgrounds where they tell you to go into your template and change it! That frightens me a bit!

All free blog backgrounds work best when you choose the standard MINIMA blogspot template and a plain white background

Any probs just let me know, I'll pop over!

Ladyfishfelt said...

I cannot wait to see this wonderful piece when it is all done. It will be amazing!

T said...

Hello Joei, thanks for visiting my what you are doing with the silk and felt and creative...and the hand dyeing too...this quilt is going to be amazing.