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November 15, 2009

Some Progress to Show

I'm back from Las Vegas.  It was a trip for a conference.....and since I'm a non-gambler (rather spend my pennies on silk and dye and wool and thread...well, you know) it was mostly lecture time.  I did a quick visit with my brother, his family and my youngest sister.  Always wonderful to visit family.  And they were wonderful as usual =-)
But, before I left I did some dyeing and some serious felting for my quilt piece.  I decided it worked so well and I spent less time  getting into the drawing to speak...that I just needed to set some time aside to draw several more cartoons.  These are Snowdrops, Trilium and California Pitcher Plant.

I also completed four squares for the quilt.  I was fairly pleased with that accomplishment.  It seems once the drawing is done I do work faster.

Wild ginger...with it's tiny flowers almost hidden under big heart shaped leaves were one of my finds on a wildflower search.  I would go camping with my dog and take several books, a camera and sketchpads.  Many times I would be gone a week or 2 only to return home to take a shower and do laundry.  The flowers were spectacular and I want the quilt to remind me of that quiet time.  No TV, radio, traffic noise, or even company other than the dog, the wild birds and the breeze.  I think the quilt will be a reminder to have sweet dreams.

The color turned out wonderful with the moss green prefelt and pale yellow green background silk.
Inspiration taken from one of my old Wildflower books.

Then my cartoon

I'm starting to cut most of these freehand now.  But used a single petal of the Paintbrush flower to guide me on size.

The colors of the flowers are also less flat and I tried to Fussy Cut  to add to their liveliness. of my favorites

Not sure about this last one.  I may have to eliminate it...The petals shrunk up too much and became too small.  I was on a roll so to speak...and I think I didn't plan out my shrinkage as well.

Blue-eyed Grass  which is only a bit taller than the wild grasses and the flowers do look like brillant blue eyes peeping up at you.
I also had a couple of dye pots going....and came up with this:

And this

They look wonderful next to each other.  I haven't cut them yet...perhaps they will fit one or two of the cartoons I have left from my whirlwind of drawing.  


Jasmine said...

your use of colour is wonderful.

Steff said...

I love the Linnea :-)
Very nice!