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December 26, 2009

Dyeing for My Presents

Before Christmas I ground up some lichens, soaked them ammonia and water for about 3 weeks then put in a little bit of embroidery thread.  The color was intense and I was pleased as punch.  I divided up the liquor I got from the two bottles and added some silk ... fiber, ribbon and more thread. 
Yesterday I unwrapped my presents to me. 

These are the results of ribbon, fiber and the previous thread.  The initial thread is much darker and it came from the jar that held the rosey color on the left.  The brown orange liquor produced the lovely deep violet on the right.  Dividing the liquor of this jar and putting more ammonia and water in one did not make much of a difference.

The lighter shade below came from the lichen that turned red almost immediately when I added the ammonia/water mix.  After the thread experiment with that jar I added a little citric acid hoping to turn it more red. I got the antique rose color.

I also have some embroidery thread from all three of these jars.

Sorry for the fuzzys...Trying to use natural light and macrolens.  But the colors are lovely...even though I'm not much of a pink person.
I guess I have to decide what to use these for.  Mostly I dye with a specific project in mind but this was a special experiment for me. Not sure how light fast lichens are ... so they need to be in a particular project.  


Jasmine said...

So, so, so beautiful. I plan on doing a lot of natural dying in 2010. All the best for the new year x

Doreen G said...

The colours have turned out beautifully Joei--you will find something special to do with them.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Lovely post. Lichens huh? Whatever you are using the colors are glorious. I've been dying (!) to try dyeing! You are inspiring me.
Just read your "about me" too funny - wiley wife, a Leo? Sounds like me.
Merry Holidays and Happy NEW YEAR!

Velma said...

had to tell you how much i liked your lichen results. what were the two species? was the purple an umbilicaria?

kiwicarole said...

I love the colours you've achieved, just beautiful! I think all hand dyed silk ribbons and cottons are gorgeous!
Carole :)

karen said...

you have achieved some beautiful results here, the colours are stunning!

jackie said...

Best wishes for 2010, and lots more creative dyeing.

handandspiritstudio said...

i had no idea ammonia and lichen could be produce such a beautiful thing. life really is so much more interesting than fiction!

anastasia said...

these are some beautiful shades! are they very lightfast?