New Look

January 3, 2010

New Year Snow

It's still snowing....and I still think it's beautiful...and the walks are lovely.

The major storm left near to two feet....but the rain washed most of it away.  Then it froze and then it snowed some more.  My studio assistants love the snow.  Old Man of the Mountain...Mr Andy.

The pup, Beez, goes crashing into snow banks and bites the snow

But they both have to come over and put their noses in whatever I'm looking at.  I usually look for tracks....but dog tracks seem to be everywhere and it's not often I get to see unspoiled prints .

These are probably the fox that lives outside our fence.  He (or she) walked around the garage and checked out all the little hiding places .... probably looking for mice or shrews.

I love seeing the perfect little toe prints in the snow.
It's wonderful to listen to the silence in the woods.  It rustles quietly like someone turning over in fresh sheets. And the little prints are the only clues that someone is very busy.

Laurel berries dry of most color, yet against the snow they shine.  Perhaps I should try them for dyeing.  Not now, of course, they are much too dry...but they do look rather pretty.
There is not to much to show, as far as felting.  I'm making something I can't's a present. 

These are the fibers wetted out. There is a layer of green/blue silk, a layer of several colors of blue wool then thin wisps of silk roving in white, yellows, greens, and blues.  I dyed the silks but with Acid Fast dye not natural dyes.  I didn't have any blues in natural dyes....but I'm thinking I need to do an indigo vat.
I should be back to the quilt next weekend.  I still have 2 or 3 cartoons that are ready. 
More felt to come soon. 


Guzzisue said...

Happy 2010:-)
That looks like one happy dog!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Joei. Old Man on the MOuntain looks very, very happy! Love your snow pictures - we are anxiously awaiting some snow here in North Carolina. Maybe this week we'll get some. Beautiful felted piece. Happy New Year!

karen said...

we also have a lot of snow, it's so pretty. I love to walk in it especially when it crunches under your feet but driving, oh my, very scary!

Jasmine said...

Your dog is gorgeous! And that last picture of felt, I love!

Doreen G said...

Happy New Year Joei--what a great photo of the berries in the snow.

Velma said...

standard poodle? i love those dogs!