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January 21, 2010

Blanket Flower

During the Felt-A-Thon I did do some felting.  Two pieces were finished to be exact.  One was a flower....gasp!...for the quilt.  The pieces included some brown that I had dyed last year and had not used in anything yet.  They were very disappointing.  The silk faded to a dull grey and was lost in the movement of my small piece and really doesn't sing with the blanket flower.

The color here is not as true as it could be...but it is obvious that the center of the bloom is not a medium brown surrounded by a lighter one.

Not sure what I should do with this.  The texture in this one shows the light and dark areas that were planned.  But the color is washed out and not a reflection of the Blanket Flower.

Again it looks a bit green but is actually grey.
The second piece was influenced by my friend Diane.  I tried her technique of snip and and drop silk bits to draw an abstract landscape.
This lost the tree and shrub trunks as the brown washed out during the felting.  Not sure if I will try to color this with a dye paint or thread to bring it back.
One last thing....but certainly not least.... my friend Diane did go home and start a blog.  It is delightful and I recommend you pop over and look at her chickens and felt.


Doreen G said...

I love them both Joei-as usual

Jasmine said...

I like your felt pieces. Off to see your friends blog now :)

ArtSparker said...

Would it be cheating to embroider stamens at the center? Just if you aren't satisfied with it, perhaps you could experiment..I like the color combination as it appears here.

Dot said...

Hi Joei!
I found your blog through my friend Doreen's blog and wanted to pop over and say hi. I love the collage you made for her.
Your art is exquisite and so detailed. And your dying is stunning (am drooling all over the keyboard here).
Waving hi from Australia.
Dot x

Joei Rhode Island said...

Thanks Doreen and Jasmine. Susan, all of this is leading up to embroidery work...will probably do hand "nope" not cheating.
Dot...I've visited your blog and seen your Dottie Dolls for quite some time now. Thank you for visiting.

Tammie Lee said...

Well this is what experiments are for. Who knows what they will or will not inspire. I understand that the Blanket flower looks different, but I find it lovely all the same. I love the texture in both pieces. Keep on having fun playing.

ann said...

Your work is fabulous. I like subtle images so I like the one you don't. I am just starting to work on the pictorial side of my felt. Do I understand you right in that where the flowers and leaves are it is 2 layers of silk? If so how are you keeping the edges from fraying in the felting process? Even one layer cut pieces fray one me.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Hi Ann
E mail me and I will tell you more about my nuno process. Essentially, yess, there is a layer of wool and then layers of silk...sometimes as many as four. I use cold/room temp soapy water that is sprinkled on then I hit the whole thing with a sander. =-) LOL...don't tell too many people. The edges don't fray too as I cut them with a tiny rotary cutter and I use 4.5 mm silk. Hope this answers your questions. E Mail me if you want more information ... I'm mostly willing to share any techniques I use.

Colette said...

I love your pieces! I came to your blog via the blog of your friend Diane. I loved the layout of the autumn-tree and wonderd what it would be like when it was finished. A pity the brown washed out, hope you figure out a way to bring it back.
I'm going to mail you too, since I am really interested in your technique :) I'm involved in a fabric page swap and it would be great to experiment with this....
tnx for inspiring already!