New Look

December 13, 2009

Snow and Ice

There was snow fall and then it warmed.  But then it got really cold.  Not below zero cold but close to single digit cold.  So the snow melted and then it froze into ice.  On my way to work there is the only covered bridge in Rhode Island.  It was a lovely drive even though the roads were not plowed well.

Then today I took the dogs for a walk before the rain began.  The swamp or bog behind the house was mostly iced over but the tiny stream had crystal ice patterns on the edge that needed a close look.
I see lots of images in the ice...
Once it started raining however, I worked inside.  I wrapped Christmas presents.  I only need one more .. but I need it for several gifts that must be sent to California.  In the meantime, I've been soaking some lichen I found on a dog walk.  I let them sit for about a week then ground them up and soaked them in ammonia.

The one on the right immediately turned pinky red.  The one on the left soaked up all the ammonia and turned green-brown.  I added more ammonia two more times before it was slushy enough to stir.  It has sat and slowly turned brown....but  over the last 2 days it is more red brown. 
The one on the right is now a deep red while the left one is a brown red....I hope to see a barn red.  We shall see.   I now go back to do a little reading and find out what I do with a stinky ammonia colored solution.


species said...

Love the pic of the bridge. How lucky you are to travel that road each day.

T said...

Gosh it looks cold over there. It was so hot here yesterday that we had to stay inside on the cool slate floor. The exact opposite. Will be interested to see what colour dye you get from these lichen jars.


florcita said...

Beautiful pictures!

karen said...

Oh I love you drive to work! I do know how dangerous it can be though so be careful!
wishing you a magical christmas! x