New Look

February 13, 2011

Several Steps

forward and a couple steps back.  I have re-arranged parts of the piece again.  I made some elements and then decided I didn't like them.  And then looked again at this
decided it needed more curves and knots and movement. 
So I worked on this
It added more of the flavor I wanted.  But looking at the original again I went for animals and came up with this
So once I added them together I was happier. 
But still.... I want the script on the bottom and part of illuminated manuscripts theme is the ornate first letters.  This needs to be IN.  So I again went back to the original and came up with this.
I feel like I am back on track now.  Lots of ideas of hand embroidery and beads are floating around in my head whispering whispering....
try me...try me. 


Tammie said...

this is quite exciting
i love all the details
each step is as wonderful as the finallllllll piece~

T said...

its great looking in on your process joei. each step taken with so much care and attention.


Rachel said...

Sometimes it's hard to be sure that you have got the main elements right, but once they are, all the decorative elements will just flow into place...

karen said...

it's a good feeling when after having felt lost you are able to turn that into progress and get back on track, well done!

Jude said...

Wow - your piece is truely inspiring. I love it!