New Look

February 21, 2011


Is not my favorite, but I was concerned that the elements wouldn't stay and rather than cause myself lots of frustration I needled.  I've made a fair amount of progress because I had four days set aside to walk the dogs and work on felt.  
I'm not finished.....but I am getting closer.  This element was added.
And this language
And so it moves a bit forward.  Not ready for the 28th for pictures....but closer.
I made circles with Celtic designs today but they are not attached yet.  
I really needed some time outside and so when it quit snowing I took the dogs for a walk.  
This is the swamp....mostly frozen but for this
A lovely weekend and much accomplished. 


Doreen G said...

Looking good Joei A bit of needling here and there can't be too bad.

Suzanna said...

I love watching the progress of this piece Joei...the textures you've achieved are very enticing.

Patty Biermans said...

Ít's always good to get inspiration if you take a good walk! Love the word! Hugzz..Peebee

Storycloth said...

Joei, this is looking FANTASTIC! The colours are extremely well chosen for a celtic feel I have been looking at some of Jan Massett's work and this reminds me very much of her colours and textures. Gilly

Tammie Lee said...

i love the celtic and ancient feel to this piece, it really is wonderful!

karen said...

love the text in this Joei, it's really effective.

Rachel said...

It's making great progress. I'm enjoying seeing it coalesce out of the background as you add elements and details.

Diane said...

Man oh Man! Are ya gonna bring it next weekend so I can see it for real? What do you mean it won't be ready for pictures by the 28th? It could be done just the way it is. It is wonderful and you captured the look of the manuscripts so well. You should be proud.

Walk in the Woods said...

Beautiful work! Beautiful walk. Thanks for sharing both with us. :)