New Look

February 7, 2011


I made several elements for the Illuminated work this weekend, besides another piece of felt.  
I played with silk versus wool side up and made little color/idea elements, as I call them. 
This is nuno needle felted to nuno with some machine embroidery.  It was the final 'idea element' and several will appear on the left side. 
This is now the working layout.  Not sure about the knot on the right.  I may decide on another element that I haven't tried yet. 
This is two different color threads and a patched piece of nuno.  Don't think I like the swirly bits in this....yet it needs tiny detail to carry the theme. 
The elements that have made the cut, so far.  The only stitching is the decorative marks on the little squares. Not much progress for all the time spent in the studio, but lots of rehearsals and decisions.
Weather Report:
The drive way is glazed with ice and makes traveling from the studio to the house where my sewing machine is a bit treacherous but the temps got to the low 40F.  I think there is more snow in store for us before the weeks end.


Rachel said...

It sounds as though you have hair-raising weather, but the progress you are making is interesting to see. It's always hard to develop ideas like this, and it takes as long as it takes!

Diane said...

I am blown away by this. You are really getting the feel of the illuminated manuscripts. I am glad you got to do some work/play this weekend. I can't wait to see it in person. One big drawback to my teaching is I don't get to play felting with you enough. Maybe we can get together after I teach at Linda's?

Tammie said...

oooh, this is going to be wonderful. I love that you are sharing the stages as it unfolds. I am enchanted with the tiny squares. Wonderful design too. Careful on that ice. Do you have something like yak traxs under your shoes... not fool proof but oh so helpful!

Storycloth said...

Really enjoyed seeing these - I admire your process very much. Great to visit you! Gilly

Manya Maratou said...

joei I am following this project with interest, and I really enjoy the detailed narrative of the process. It is all about making decisions, isn't it?

T said...

its coming along very nicely joei. you are putting in the work and it is showing. the other colour in the back looks great with the illuminative stitching. love your stitching and earthy tones in this piece. just makes me wish my sewing machine was working.


Mrs Minton makes... said...

I love your work ,,really stunning!