New Look

January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

It is now a New Year, by someones calendar.  I lived through Christmas, phew.  I cooked, hosted and worked.  But today (and yesterday) I felted.  A good sign for the New Year.  
I am going to be in a show at Davey Jones Gallery, in Albany, New York.  This is a result of the Hyuck Preserve Retreat I did in August. We hiked, took photographs, listen to lectures by mycologists and made felt.  It was a wonderful experience.  I made small pieces of mushrooms. When I came home, still under the influence of the Retreat, I made more sketches, researched more mushrooms, looked more closely at fungi than I had previously. I felted more pieces of mushrooms and the heron.  Here are my latest.
These are before felting. 
We shall see what happens after I finish.  
I now have several ideas about Creation Stories.  This is a show my Guild is doing this year.  I hope to do a piece entitled: In The Beginning Was The Word. 
I have wanted for some time to do something with illuminated manuscripts.  They are so beautiful and the Book of Kells inspires me. I'll need to do some serious research to tackle this. 
 And so on into the New Year. 


Terrie said...

Such a nice nature. Love the color. You said you felted it, may I know what kind of materials? Looks not like wool.
Success in the gallery.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

THat will look wonderful! I'm curious!!!

Whimsey Creations said...

That is so beautiful! Just love the colors.

Ruth said...

These look great. Are you using prefelts or nuno felting?

T said...

hey congratulations being in a show in New York.

your mushrooms are magic.


iNdi@na said...

google William Robinson Creation series - he's an amazing painter [from Queensland] and the creation series are huge and intricate landscape paintings

i have a feeling
that you might enjoy them

Diane said...

LOVE THESE. I want to see them when they are felted. The top one really looks like mushrooms that are hidden in the forest. That feeling that you get when you discover them nestled in the shade. It makes me happy. Bring them for show and tell this weekend please:)

karen said...

gorgeous work Joei, it's amazing how inspiring mushrooms are, so much varied texture and I love the ''pleated'' underside.

Rachel said...

The mushrooms look great, and your plans for the new project sound fascinating too.
Will you be sharing your research as well as your work on them?

Tammie Lee said...

oh, I love these! I just love wee fungi and your art is completely charming. Happy day and week to you~

Manya Maratou said...

wow! fantastic projects for the new year, inspiring..I'm looking forward to what is coming
all my best wishes for the new year, joei!