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January 17, 2011

In The Beginning

Yesterday was spent doing lots of research.  Our Guild is doing a show with the theme Creation Stories or Myths.  I have always wanted to do a piece of illuminated manuscript. The Book of Kells is one of the most beautiful examples of this.  So I have been immersing myself in the pictures and stories of this book.  It is said to be so wondrous that it must have been created by Angels. There are Celtic Knots that have 158 turns within a single square inch.  I don't plan or aspire to that kind of detail.  But only wish to give that impression. 
Here is my first idea.  
The page is from the Gospel of John and literally says (in Latin) 
In principio erat verbum
So after the sketch I did some dyeing.  Rust, eucalyptus and iron w/ oak galls.  I was looking for the yellowed vellum color and a rich but muted gold. 
I think I have found it. 
Today I am off to the studio for sample making.  Silk, wool, locks, thread and although the Book of Kells has no actual gold or metallics, I am tempted.  It is my interpretation after all.


Katie said...

What a great project. I really enjoy creation myths/stories, especially Native American. Your path sounds interesting, and beautiful, so far.

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Joei---This is going to be fantastic!! When I quilted (a bit), I always wanted to do some sort of Celtic knot design with black bias tape. I can't wait to see what you come up with here!

Corinna Nitschmann said...

I think too that you have really matching colors to this project! I'm curious again. What about the felz with mushrooms? :-)

Rachel said...

The Book of Kells will provide no end of inspiration for you! There are all sorts of patterns you can derive from the details in it!

karen said...

I actually saw the real book of Kells in Dublin. It is absolutely beautiful.

T said...

sounds so interesting, good to see your inspiration here. will wait with anticipation for the results.


Storycloth said...

Hi Joei - wow this looks wonderful- what an exciting project. It is so fantastic to become really immersed in such beauty. What do the words translate into exactly? The Book of Kells - your description makes it warrant a trip to Dublin! Thanks for visiting me and I am so glad to have come to you today. Gilly