New Look

January 23, 2011

Testing Testing

So much figuring out and testing before the actual felting on nuno pieces.  Because I actually want it to look like something, I draw out an idea.
Then I work an actual true to size "pattern"
Not sure about the b in verbum.  I've tried 3 different ways.  Still looking at Celtic and other fonts.  This is one I've done myself and I think it will work.  
Then I tried a paint program to see what kind of colors I liked.  This was a Big Waste of Time for me.  I'm not well versed in the paint program and the time it took for me to chose colors was way to much of a learning curve this weekend.  
I then decided to just try for the background.
The one of the left is a 'parchment color with colored silks.  The left is more hopeful.  Five strips of silk with four different mixed of wool behind.  I am much happier with this.  Sorry the picture is so awful.  It was taken in unnatural light.  
Sure doesn't look like I did much this weekend!  HA!  
Next weekend I may make more satisfying progress.


Diane said...

Forget about that paint program, you need to trust your color sense. I love the golds, are they natural dyes. You know I have beige silk if you need it:) This project is going to be fantastic, I just know it. BTW, remember what matters is not what you get done, it is that you DO. And every time you felt you learn something new. How many pages are you planning anyway?
Your friend Diane


It always takes a long time to try new things but in that process you discover exiting and interesting new things. That makes that felted is a fortune of discovery’s for me!
Hadiah Schumacher

Rachel said...

I think the golds look lovely too.
I'm not sure I would use a paint programme at all. If I'm really anxious about colour, I take several photocopies of the design and use coloured pencils. It's somehow easier to think about colour with a pencil in my hand, whereas a mouse doesn't help at all...

Joei Rhode Island said...

Diane, not sure how many pages. This is large 24 x 36 in. I want to have room for handwork.

Hadiah, you are right discovery is always part of the magic.

Rachel, I've given up on the paint program for now but colored pencils is a good idea.

Tammie said...

it is wonderful to see the steps you take in creating! I love that lavender blue color (periwinkle) with the gold. Wonderful design too.

Storycloth said...

You have really inspired me with this process - I do think that (generally)the time put in beforehand is what makes the whole thing so rewarding. Even if you end up not happy - it doesn't take away from the process of creating and the positive energy that is generated as a result. Looks wonderful, Gilly