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November 14, 2010

Short Break

I've been on an unscheduled break from blogging.  I've been busy with a visit from my sister and her friend, a visit from my friend Diane, a trip to Boston and just the day to day stuff.  I even took a nap one day!  Not much time left to do anything felty.  
However, I've managed to spend a little time in the studio.  
Diane and I had a wonderful weekend.  I made two pair of slippers.  One for me....and one I can't show as it will be a Christmas present.  Diane made wonderful MaryJane slippers.  She knows that stretching is an important part of making hard felt.
We tried a resist to make two layers of different colors. 
Oh, just ignore that was one of the libations to the felting muse.  It is also a most important part of making good felt.
Diane took her slippers home to fill in the little moons near the toe.  Mine fit me like a glove.
I have also worked on other projects.  The quilt has made a comeback to the priority list.  I made more of the green for the sections between the flowers then basted them to make the top a single piece. 
Now I have a small emergency.  Because I have been working on this 'as I go along' and not as a planned out project, I have run out of the prefelt.  I'm on a search to find one of the colors I have used in the background.  I think I've used too many colors on the top to add another on the edge.  
In the meantime, ha!, I've been getting ready to make some Christmas presents.  
When Diane and I attended the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival we bought an Icelandic lamb fleece.  During our weekend visit we washed it and another merino fleece I had.  Today I put the lamb fleece through my carder.  It took me all afternoon. 
My carder has medium grade pins and the lamb is very fine.  It is not the best combination but my little batts turned out well.  My Honey needs slippers for Christmas and I think this will be perfect.
I plan on working quite a bit in the studio prior to the Holidays. I think there are mostly handmade gifts on Santas list so I'd best be cracking.


Dawn said...

Wow! You've been busy...Love the slippers. I think hand-made gifts are always best...I'm thinking along the same lines this year, but I'd better get busy, too...It will creep right up on me.

Wish we could make a trade on our drums. I have the ultra fine for my Pat Green carder and need a more all-purpose drum.

Hope you have a great week.

Ruth said...

Your slippers turned out great - love the way you used the resist for the second color. Your icelandic batts look yummy! And the quilt is coming along great.

Jackie said...

I see you use the bubble wrap method..I find it much quicker than bamboo mats these days. I've never made slippers. Yours are lovely.

Tammie said...

how wonderful that you get to play and felt with your sister. i noticed that wine, and red is my passion. Awesome shoes/slippers ladies!

Jasmine said...

Wow, wow, wow! Its so good to be back and visiting inspirational fibre artists like you. I have been too long without a computer. xJ

Diane said...

Yea, she's back to blogging!But a month is not a 'short' break Joei.
I am SO glad that you got back to working on the quilt. Should have put more pictures of that and skipped the one of me! Dad saw it and wondered why my tongue was not sticking out as it always is when I am working (I think you just can't see it).
The fleece looks good. Can I use your carder? :) You know you love me Joei. Your 'sister' Diane

Sandra said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome !!! love your slippers, lucky you & ??, the quilt is beautiful !!! I've stopped by and wondered when you'd be back, it was worth the wait : ) thank you for sharing your beauitful work !!!
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Ladyfishfelt said...

Your quilt is absolutely fantastic.
I love it.

T said...

love those slippers joei, and your flower felt pieces look incredible all layed out together. Beautiful work. hope you find some more of that colour that your looking for.

if you don't then you may consider another complimentary colour in the mix. maybe, maybe not.....


karen said...

I think you deserve another break you have been working so hard!!

dunnedain said...

ouh, this quilt is so beautiful, i love it !It seems so warm...