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November 27, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Especially in my studio.  I have been busy making gifts.  
First I have a Honey (read Spouse) that is an English Motorcycle Freak-O.  And his very favorite is his 1958 BSA GoldStar.  He polishes it and rides it and sometimes just looks at it with serious love in his eyes.  So I made him a banner for the wall above his work bench. 
I think he'll be very happy .... it's pretty close to the actual emblem.  Next time it will be a Norton.
Then I needed more to the skin soft black.  So I ordered some Black and White from Margaret at Crystal Creek Fibers.  She has the most *wonderful* Rambouillet.  It is constantly high quality, high micro, clean clean and clean. Felts like magic. 
This gorgeously soft black Merino was meant for another Christmas project. 
I have wanted for some time to take a class from Jean Gauger to learn how to make her fabulous butterfly shawls.  Unfortunately my schedule has not allowed this.  So I decided to try on my own.  
My initial sketch eventually resulted in this. 
And, of course, the back.  
I also bought some Icelandic batts to make slippers.  These arrived in the mail, too.
These batts are so different than the Rambo and Merino.  They are soft and light but the micron is larger.  The test I did showed they felted up like a dream! 
I also have to make some scarves.  They are on the agenda for tomorrow.


krex said...

I agree about Crystal Creek...just ordered more fiber to dye up, it's great stuff and reasonably priced .

Love your butterfly shawl, I'd love to make my own but don't have big enough table...maybe some day .

martine said...

Love love love that butterfly shawl, absolutely fabulous
thanks for sharing

Plastusia said...

Beautiful butterfly shawl!

Kelly said...

That shawl is gorgeous! You have been busy! I cannot wait to see the slippers!

Tammie said...

very cool hubby gift!
wow wow to the butterfly cloak!!!
you have some very special gifts for surely some special folks. So wonderful to see what you are up to.
Stay warm.

T said...

OOOOooo I wish I was on your christmas list. such beautiful, I am still wondering what to make my loved ones....