New Look

October 11, 2010

Time to Felt 2

I spent the day mostly in the studio.  Of course, the dogs and I did go for a walk.  It was 73 degrees and so so wonderful outside.  I opened the windows of the studio and let the air in.  So much more enjoyable than the basement.  Sigh.  
I got the second piece done.  They are very close to being the same size.  Laying out was quite the process.  I've not done anything so large in 2 pieces previously.  I was pleased that I had very even wool on the back side without any plain silk.  The light will filter through well. 
Almost 3/4 done with the second piece. 

Left and right side.  Colors are close...for 2 dye pots...I'll take it. 

Now to decide if I want clips a rod or tabs at the top. 
I'm considering this a success and am ready to try a larger size.  Look out bedroom windows you are about to be "treated".


Suzanna said...

So interesting to watch this process. The colors are exquisite.

Tammie Lee said...

This looks wonderful!

T said...

beautiful felt joei, you are making good use of your new space.



Amazing work Joei, I've never done any felting on quite that scale myself

ps. I'd be interested to know what digital photography book you are considering getting xo

Joan Kirton said...

They will look lovely when hung. Can't wait to see the final result.

ger said...

Seeing this, bedroom windows sounds like a good idea to me - letting the eye wander over it first thing in the morning...

karen said...

the top picture is amazing, I so want to run my hands over it! I hope you are well.x

Diane said...

Are there curtains in the bathroom yet???? You do know that all your talk of curtains is what prompted me to buy that Wensleydale at NYS&W right? I really liked the ones I did for the bathroom with it. Light coming through the felt is wonderful.
PS I hope the visit with sis goes wonderfully.

Patty Biermans said...

I never thought of felted curtains! Wonderful. Must be a pleasure to wake up and see these spectaculair curtains. Very nice... greetings, Peebee