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August 15, 2009

What's Out Is In

Well, I've just returned from my day of demonstration at Artworks in New Bedford, MA. We had a lovely time. I was quite nervous and afraid I babbled but people seemed to enjoy the demo. Diane made a gorgeous calla lily of mixed pinks (wool and silk rovings) while I did the fish piece. My "fish" looks much more like a shrimp I think....but I will use him to experiment with free motion machine quilting as I get ready to quilt the Flower pieces. Diane's Calla Lily turned out *much* better....but I didn't get any pictures....sorry to say.
I did get some snaps of the show, however.....and (tooting my own horn here) my copper book about The Beetle Blues made it into the newspaper!

This fabulous piece called "Mary's Pond" was initially wet felting in the background then was needle felted details and textures....This is by demo partner....the lovely Miss Diane.

The mask below is by Cheryl Christner....this is the West Wind (I believe) The North, South and East Winds were also present. I just love the feathers, copper and wasps' nest details.

Next is a shot of one of Sharon Costello's vases. She makes tiny cuts in the felt revealing the multiple layers of color beneath.

Finally a picture of the wall above two of my books. There are two vests by Robin Blakney-Carlson and a jacket by Linda Vielleux. The green piece on the far right is by Lynn Ocone and has tiny brass tacks sticking through the felt....rather like a cactus. The other two green "objects" are my books. I'm afraid the photos are not well focused...I need to practice with my camera. I enjoyed the show and participating in it.
I now I will get to spend my Felting Time working on my quilt.


Jackie said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I have cut down on blog reading a bit so I missed this lovely post. I love your fish..very ethnic looking. I also like the vessel.

Angela said...

Joei, it is a big pleasure for me to receive your "visit" and your comment! I'm a very beginner in this art and I find it marvellous. I had a look to your blog yesterday, following Rosa's friends, and I could appreciate your masterpieces ( and I also understood how hard I've to work before reaching an acceptable level of knowledge). I totally agree with your description of the feeling inspired to you by the felting process, I feel the same and I think that it is not for chance that felt (as textile) and felt (as past tense of feel) are the same word.

karen said...

Hi Joei, thanks for the comment, pics coming soon, promise!

karen said...

Yosemite??? speechless. breathtaking.

Chatters said...


Your felt pieces are really beautiful, I love your fish