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August 2, 2009

Maine Guild Meeting

So things have been very busy...very, very busy. The opening of our Guild Show "What's Out is In" was great. the ditz I am....I forgot my camera in my haste to get there with all the last minute issues. The work was wonderful...and I again felt very privileged to be included in this group. But, more about that later....I have a demonstration to do on the 15th and will bring the camera to document.

This weekend was the Guild's meeting and it was hosted by Marianne Dubois in Maine. We, my friend Diane and I arrived on Friday evening to be greeted with wine and laughs and the friendly faces of fellow felters. The next morning we went to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine and had a lesson on Kumihimo braiding.

First we had a lecture then we had a go on our own. Michael (I'm afraid I don't remember his last name) was our instructor and had lots of patience and a wonderful teaching style.

We learned about marudai and two different types of braiding. It is almost a meditation.

The next day we had Show and of the best parts of our meeting. Everyone brings pieces that they have been working on. There were fabulous pieces......

Monet was reflected on this bag by Diane (but shown here is Robin and Marianne)

This wonderful trout piece is by Linda Wright who is also a fisherwoman and obviously knows the details that make up a real fish.

Below is shy Roz.... =-) holding up one of her vests.

There were many more pieces.... Jackets and valances, purses, broaches, and..... of course.....the pieces of my quilt.

Now I have only the demostration to do at the Gallery and I can go back to working on the quilt. I have two drawings a Jack in the Pulpit and the other a Trout Lily.

I hope to post more regularly as I go back to the reason why I started this thing in the first document my quilt.


Ladyfishfelt said...

Nice blog. Thanks for selecting my piece to post. I am honored.

karen said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'm still not sure though!!! Hoppe you are well :)


Just popping by to say "hi!" and have a lovely weekend. Great post!

Carolyn x