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August 23, 2009

Presents and Projects

A late blog to show you little presents I bought myself.  I follow several blogs (don't we all?) and could not resist buying myself little pieces from two fabulous fiber artists.

The first I bought over a month ago from Jackie who does the most playful pieces that remind me of the 50s.  I really wanted to see and feel the velvet she works 'person' so to speak.  So I bought this:
 It is a small blank journal and the cover is silk  paper with her machine embroidery and velvet.  It is better in real life than my picture. I still haven't decided if I should use it myself or gift it to someone.  I came wrapped in lovely paper with her card.  So professional....yet artistic.  
The next piece I bought was a hand embroidered piece by Karen.  She really does some remarkable handwork.  I hope some day my embroidery will be as lovely.  I bought what she calls a 'scrap' and I plan on framing it.    

My picture quality is not near as good as hers.  I'm not satisfied with my new camera but the piece is done on white silk with white thread and some yellow (her insanely famous knots) pink and green.
Then lastly, I did do some felting for the quilt.  I liked the Lady Slipper so much in the book I made for our show...yet it faded away into the background when I fulled it in the dryer.  I tried again.  Not as good as the first, I'm afraid....but will do for the quilt. 
Some machine embroidery will fill in the details.  The colors are right on the piece and the yellowish background made for a gold hue to the flower itself that I like very much.
I also took some pictures of some Indian Pipe in my yard.  They are a wildflower....but a most unusual one.  It does not have chlorophyll and thus does not have true leaves nor is it green.  It needs a special fungus to provide food that is processed by the fungus.  It is also known as Ghost Flower.  
It will need a deep green background and white flowers but I have done one previous flower with a similiar color scheme so I think I can capture it.  
It's so hot and humid here....80 degrees with the humidity an unbearable 70% but feels like more...I really haven't done much felting.  The basement initially is cooler than the house...but I crave sunshine despite the  heat and have not stuck with my "Two Blocks A Weekend" resolve.  Such is life. 



Hello Joei, how are you? I was thinking about you today, so I thought I'd let you know!

Arn't Jackie's sketchbook covers lovely. I have one, a red one of course! Like you, I wanted to touch the velvet!

Your felt is gorgeous! I really must get felting again very soon. I miss it. I made a seamless bag recently, my first one, but it was a litle lumpy on the seam, so I must have another go! Have you made one before? Any tips?

Sending best wishes

karen said...

Hi! So glad you like your piece, feel free to use one of my pics anytime if you want. Can't wait to see it in a frame, Karen x

rosa said...

I love your works, I love your felt, it's gorgeous!!!
And I'm in love with Rhode Island.
A lot of my relatives live in Cranston and in Providence.
I have been there many times, and I wish I could come back some day!!!
A hug from Italy

Chatters said...


Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.

I used felt while I was at college, I'm itching to make some more now. I'm going be making some felt pieces with my students come the new term. I think they will love it

Jackie said...

What a lovely surprise to me myself here! Its really great that you gave me a mention and I am delighted that you like the book so much. I enjoy making them so much. I'm ordering a whole new batch of books to decorate soon for christmas.
And karens work is beautiful too.
I do love your felting technique and the ladies'slipper is looking great.