New Look

February 11, 2009


I did take a lovely walk with the dogs. They ran and jumped and flung snow around. Beezer's coat is so heavy and thick he lays in the snow. But Andy doesn't play the wimpy poodle either.

This little stream is melted snow in the swamp behind our house. He only got out when I told him to quit showing off. Beez leaps over this.

I did find some interesting tracks. Although I saw lots of deer tracks the boys were very busy sticking their nose in them and running through them. I never got a clear shot.

However, they missed these:

And these:

But my favorite of the day :

I did felt some after we returned and have 2 new block for the quilt.

A tulip. The contrast is not as good as I would hope. But I am happy with the design.

I also did a Solomon's Seal. A flower that has grown wild in a part of my yard that is overgrown but I can't seem to find another spot that it likes.

So now I go to fix dinner and read a bit before bed. The sun was out today and the temps got to 50 F degrees. It smelled a little like spring and I actually heard a Robin singing this morning.

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Doreen G said...

Love these two new blocks Joei.