New Look

February 3, 2009

The Beginning

I read blogs. Mostly about textiles. I love to look at the pictures. Mostly those that show work or projects but find I'm drawn to pictures of other things, too. Flowers, water, walks in the woods or on a beach. But I recently decided to start my own blog to document my felt and how I feel about simple things I look at every day that make me smile. Or think. Or just pause. I also want to talk about felt. To anyone. If you felt or not. So I hope you'll visit and leave a comment about textiles, color, just about anything that has to do with Art and how you felt.

Because I like to see pictures with posts (I'm very visual) I plan on posting pictures of my work or the weather outside or whatever strikes my fancy. I know I won't post every day but frequently enough to document my travels of what's been called Slow Cloth.

This is a nuno piece called The Egyptian Collar. The center scarab design is a casting from UTEE surrounded by Angelina wings. I seem to be in a nuno phase lately. Perhaps because of the drape and softness. Or maybe because I love to dye silk in a crockpot then mix with wool for a textural feast of color.

Enough for the first post. Time for dreams.

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