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February 4, 2009

First Steps

I am currently making a bed quilt. It is for me. I give most of my work away, and will continue to do so, but this year I want to make a few things for me. This project has been rattling around in my brain for quite some time.

A nuno block quilt of flowers. I used a motif/design from a book for the first block. I changed it a bit. As each block is done they will become more of just my designs.

The base of this piece is a square of very fine commercial needled prefelt that I got as a gift. I ordered more of these prefelts after the success of this first piece. They are from Jill Gully's Outbackfibers. I did some small samples first and figured out my shrinkage.

The backround is paj silk, only 4.5mm. Then each of the elements is another piece of paj layered on top. There is no more wool than the prefelt on the bottom. I *very* carefully wetted this down then felted and fulled. It shrank about 33%. It now needs embroidery for outline and details.

The prefelts make for an even wool layer with a lovely drape and fine runching for texture. I'm happy with this.

I have several more designs in my head, on paper and actually 3 more blocks done. The first steps are taken.

A parting shot of the view outside the window....snow on the bird should be single digit temps tonight. My quilt won't be done in time for this winter.

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Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment. I have come all this way back to find out about your yechnique. Its really soft and seductive, I want to touch ! But I must say that it looks as though the actual felting will be very hard work.