New Look

September 19, 2010

The Studio Is Open

My friend, Jane came over this weekend for a Felt-A-Thon.  We have done this several times and it always ends up pretty intensive as far as what gets done.  This time was no different.  
I walked up and down these stairs more than 20 times getting things (tubs of wool, silk, ironing board, books!, pens, pencils, get the picture) moved in and *somewhat* organized.
But eventually I was ready .... or at least, semi-ready .... to work in the studio.  
 We had fun and we made a mess!
From this
To This!
Not quite zero to 60 in 2 sec....but it was pretty incredible. 
Jane was very productive.  And although her work is abstract and very different than mine, I enjoyed watching and talking to her about her thought processes as she worked.
  She did 2 pieces about walks in the woods through dappled light and over roots of large trees.  
She also completed number three in a series called Hole In The Tree.  She has these slated for a show, so I'm not revealing them.  
I did one piece that I am not sure about.  It is called the Watcher in the Lake. 
This was influenced by my retreat at the Huyck Preserve and is a very large piece for me.  It ended by about 21" x 49".  And although I'm not over the top happy....I'm always so critical of my work....I learned lots and lots about larger pieces and my nuno felt technique.
He is now drying and I'll do a minimum amount of stitching to fix his eye. 
The background was green and green-yellows, green-blues and it seems all the yellow washed away! 
I will sleep on it and see if this is The One...or I need another  attempt.
Hope you had as much fun this weekend. 

Oh, and I did pick up the studio when Jane left.  But it has been broken in.


Katie said...

Your felting is great. What a great blog you have! A felting retreat sounds wonderful.

Jasmine said...

Your studio looks wonderful. I like your piece a lot. Its easy to be self critical when we see so much amazing work produced by others, but your work is equally amazing xJ

Heather Woollove said...

Joei---Your new studio is AMAZING!
What a fun time you had with your friend!! Lucky you.
...speaking of friends, I met your guild friend Robin Blakney-Carlson at my felting retreat in August!
What a terrific woman and truly
gifted felter she is!

ger said...

Terrific studio, such a lot of space, enviable... + I´m rather happy the green washed out ;) I like the colours, + there´s an atmosphere of vigilant solitude around that bird I find very appealing...

Tammie Lee said...

how wonderful that you broke the studio in with a friend. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. I spent the night in a lookout two nights ago with 5 women. Great food, wine and art making the entire time. in the end I ripped stuff off mine and started all over.... to be continued.

species said...

Love the bird! Beautifully done. Glad to see the workshop is open for you despite your setbacks. Your persistence paid off.

T said...

great that you have your own space joei. Looks wonderful. And such a productive weekend with jane.


Mo'a said...

What a lovely studio space you have. Good exercise doing the stairs :)
Your bird is wonderful.


Absolutely wonderful work Joei. Love the studio too