New Look

June 18, 2010

Here and There

I had a most wonderful vacation.  I drove through States I'd not seen before and arrived at Sylva North Carolina with smiles and excitement.  We had the Great Smokey Mountains off the deck and watched the sun spread it's rays through the leaves and spaces of the trees every morning. 
We had great meals, thanks to our companion, Jimmy, who likes to cook and the wonderful hospitality of the people in the small but great restaurants where we ate. 
We hiked to waterfalls and scenic views.  We even rode under a waterfall.  The wild flowers bloomed so the butterflies had places to rest and the birds sang everyday ... even in the rain.
The sun shone most of the time and when the torrential rains came we were having lunch viewing a lake and the owner encouraged us to stay until the storm passed. 
I took lots of pictures...but I have none to show. Sigh...I left my camera in a non-waterproof pocket of my jacket and when we returned after our longest ride in the rain it took it's revenge by peeing on my foot.  It hasn't been the same since.
So now I wait for a new camera ... hoping it arrives tomorrow before I leave for my next summer adventure.  My friend Diane and I will be flying to Tennessee to attend a class with India Flint.  Boy, are we excited!  Walking in the woods with India, then dyeing with our found treasures.  I'll have pictures then.  I leave you with a snap of a hydrangea ... they grew wild along the roads in NC .. but this is from my yard. 


ger said...

That´ll be a very inspiring experience I´m sure... + it was great seeing your work in 1000 Artisan Textiles...

Tammie said...

It does sound as though you had a wonderful time. Your camera may recover, like my computer that I spilled hot cocoa and then later wine on. I have heard many stories about cameras and computers working after they dry out!

Fabric Art said...

Thanks Joei your thoughts warms me, I followed your link to Indias blog, wow very exciting, I'm sure her class will be great, hope to see a lot of pictures on your blog.

Jasmine said...

I am green with envy. Enjoy your time with India, I am sure you will have many magical wonders to show at the end of it xJ