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June 1, 2009

Long Time No Felt

Well, I had a most wonderful vacation. I flew to Brisbane, Australia and stayed with my son and his family in Tangolooma. We fed the dolphins, the Kookaburras, rode 4 wheelers on the sand, fed fish food to the fish then watched the cormarants eat the fish. We went tobogganing down sand dunes and ate and drank until we had to lie on the beach to recover.

The dolphins come into the cove every evening and we got to feed them. It is really a magical moment to have a dolphin lean his head over, look you in the eye and take a fish you are offering.
Here we are trekking up the sand dune to slide down on those little pieces of fiberboard. My son won the prize....a T shirt....for going the furthest.

It was a real vacation and even the weather cooperated. Although I never did any fiber work I relaxed and enjoyed myself greatly.

I go next weekend to a class at New England Felting Supply. I will take some pictures (with the instructors permission) of my project. I plan on making a nuno shirt with a v neck and 3/4 sleeves. Now to pick out my colors of silk and wool.



Sounds like you had a great time!

Doreen G said...

I'm glad You liked our wonderful country Joei -did you get to see any wool fleece places?

FELT 4U said...

Really interesting pix. Nice blog.

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Great blog. So glad I stumbled by!

Sara Lechner said...

you surely had fun in your vacations! you don't need a bike to move! I would also like to be in new england looking forward for a weekend class... i love new england!!! and taking classes, not only giving them. i love the interaction with other students!

Jackie said...

Your travels leave me speechless and rather envious.
Did you see ant wool on the hoof? I like to think there was no 'unpleasantness' if you did. (I've heard what they do to stop the maggots 'down under' more ways than one)
Welcome back and thanks for your comments.

Cash en Els said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I like your feltwork and your beautiful dog.

Greats from Holland, Els