New Look

May 4, 2009

Arrrrrrrg the Cable

Well, my cable service has only been very spotty for the last 3 weeks!!! Sometimes I would get on and be shut down and some times it would time out and I never got anywhere. Such frustration...especially as I've been trying to get ready to leave on my vacation.

This will be a short post....I leave tomorrow at 4:30am....I will try to remember to brush my teeth prior. We land in Brisbane 2 days later! I'm about ready to call my son and see if we are already there. I can't afford to lose 2 days out of what I have left!!!

Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures of felt. I have not been felting but have the cartoon done for the next block....Jack in the Pulpit. Some of these items I no longer seem to have. Gifted or sold....but the jacket....well, it fit me to a T ... so I kept it =-)
The jacket I made in a class taught by the wonderful Inge Bauer. It is all of my hand dyed silk with Ashford wool tops inside. There are no seams but there are two pockets. It took me days after the class to face this large project and finish it. It is very light and drapes well.

The pocketbook is of very thick heavy Finnwool layers with my hand dyed Ramboillet and silk for the surface design of bamboo leaves. I may keep this if no one buys it from the gallery it's in now.

This little reciving blanket was washed in the machine after making to shrink it down and make it machine washable for a co-workers first granddaughter. The pink is handdyed silk the white is undyed Ramboillet...not sure if I've spelt that right. It is a very soft tiny micron wool that I get from a lady in Washington State. Soft enough for a new born....even after washing.

Scarf of silk roving and super fine merino. A purse with old lace and leather trim.
Well, that's my short post for today. I'm off to Down Under and hope to see some wool on the hoof....swim with the dolphins and peek at the crocs.