New Look

April 19, 2009

Distractions and Desires

Well, I've had several distractions over the last 2 weeks. First unexpected company that did not allow time in the basement for working on the quilt. Sadly, despite my desire, no felting was done until last Friday.

Then with the weather becoming nice, there are other outside distractions. Plus, I am getting ready to leave for vacation. I head to Australia's East coast on May 5th. Anyone out there that can recommend a sneak away visit for wool/felt or such?

I have only 1 piece to show... a thistle. The thistles in California are considered an invasive problem. Bull thistles can grow quite large...easily 4 feet. But here in the Northeastern states people plant more domesticated forms that are lovely.

First a little inspiration from a wildflower book....a long ago gift from a friend. Then my cartoon.

This time I decided to try using freezer paper for the cutting pattern because there were so many sharp pointy edges. Quilters use freezer paper to iron on to fabric to help with applique and points and it is easily removed. Well, iron it on and cut them out worked like a charm.

But, as I pulled that thin 4.5mm silk from the freezer paper the tiny edges frayed. I decided because thistle have very ragged and hairy edges I would go forward. My reasoning being the edges would probably felt in.....or if not would look like thistle edges anyway. Here it is wetted down between two thin sheets of plastic.....ready to rub and roll.

I didn't give myself enough margin on the top. The flower is right to the edge. What I planned doing with the embroidery was to make long thin lines like the thistle down. My thought is now to extend the embroidery over the margin.....might be interesting.

The finished nuno....

Next....thinking about early spring flowers....skunk cabbage or trout lily?

April 9, 2009

Different Felt and Different Folks

I'm mostly a wet felter. Several years ago I bought an Embellisher by Babylock and played around making all sorts of little pieces. But the more I researched felt, the more I wanted to do larger pieces and to do more traditional felt. I began on my kitchen counter making scarves and small purses but then found The Northeast Feltmakers Guild. They have introduced me to many facets of feltmaking.....traditional and non-traditional.

What a wonderful group this is. I cannot sing their praises enough. We meet approximately 3 times yearly for a felting and feasting. This last weekend was in upstate New York hosted by Sharon Costello of Sharon instructed us....more than 20 I might add...on how to make needle felted faces.

We laughed and actually had very few and minor injuries with sharp barbed needles. What fun! This is Diane...

This is Althea...

These little beauties were Linda's and mine before they were finished:

This is Rhea, Harvey and Oliver....when they were finished....I can't tell you what Harvey has on his mind.....but I'll bet it's not legal.....The Guild did a fantastic job in that afternoon .... and here is the group head shot:

Now.....did you notice the majority of this bunch has grey hair????